Food Markets in Nice, France

Cours Saleya Market -- Nice, France


Cavaillon melon - smaller than a cantaloupe, with brilliant orange flesh, smooth pale yellow-green skin and greenish ribs.

Fresh Pink Garlic 

Spring Artichokes


The Cours Saleya is the most famous market of Nice. The market is open every day except on mondays when Cours Saleya has a large flea market. 


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What are the great value restaurants in Nice?

Though the main aisle is the most dazzling thanks to its array of colours, what really interests us is the collection of small producers’ stalls near the Rue de la Préfecture. The fruit and vegetables are not as uniformly shaped and the variety not as great, but every ingredient we will find here is firmly rooted in the region and much of it is organic. Depending on the season you might see: untreated oranges, including bitter oranges for jam real wild asparagus strawberries from Carpentras tomatoes ripened on the vine figs bursting with juice the mix of salad leaves known as mesclun (no Niçois meal would be complete without it and much more 

The promenade where the market is located dates back to the sixteenth century when the town was ruled by the House of Savoy and, as vieux Nice was largely constructed during this period, the Italian influence can be seen everywhere. The market although appears to be touristy is actually a very good value.

Olive Stand at Cours Saleya



(Left) Perch --Freshwater Fish

Although the main fish market is located north of the train station, there is a small local fish market at Saint-François Square...

...And a small fish stand at the Cours Saleya Market 


  Spring Vegetables 


The Marché a la Brocante et Antiquités. Ave. Malaussena has a very authentic market most mornings along the Ave. Malaussena (continuation of Ave. Jean Médecin beyond the train station overpass). Rue Raiberti. The covered market on Rue Flaminius Raibereti, just off the Place Général de Gaulle at the top of Ave. Malaussena, has produce in the street-side stalls, and mostly butchers and dairy-product stands inside



After 12 o'clock the market winds down ... head over to Le Safari for the best Pizza in Nice---

Try their Pizza Provencal, made with French Ham, Cheese, basil and tomato sauce... the oven is of course wood burning...