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Best Recreation Cooking Schools Around the World

For those who love travel and cooking, combining the two is a natural when you are on vacation. Over the past 10 years the number of recreational cooking classes have skyrocketed as tourist travel to more exotic locations decide to add a day or more of cooking classes (which also include eating the meal they cook) to their agenda.
While most the the classes around the world are taught to target the tourist with either a minimal amount of cooking skills or looking to provide a more relaxed and social environment. Sites include: NYC, Paris, Nice, France, Bordeaux, San Sebatian, Vietnam, Florence and Venice, Italy and more. Some of these courses are quite good and we review them here at:

Best Recreation Cooking Schools around the World.

HCM Cooking School Vietnam

HCM Cooking School Vietnam --..."The Ho Chi Min Cooking Class is a unique and healthy cooking class. Not only do they teach you how to cook, but you will learn how to use food as medicine and discover Vietnamese food culture. Vietnamese food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world..."

Food Markets around the World

When travel try renting an apartment near the local food market and cook at home. It is important that when renting an apartment if you plan to cook in you get a list of utensils in the apartmment and wether the apartment has a real stove or just a microwave or hotplate as found in many rental apartments.

HCM Cooking School Vietnam
Venice Food Market
Rialto Food Market Venice Italy

Rialto Market, Venice

Venetians have depended on the Rialto markets since 1097 for their daily supplies of fish, vegetables, fruit, and other foodstuffs. The market runs from 8am till noon. The markets are open in the mornings from Monday to Saturday; the fish market is closed on Mondays.

Union Square Food Market

Union Square Market, NYC

The Union Square Greenmarket in NYC is the largest outdoor market in the country. It only allows purveyors who grow their own food locally. They also have farmers who raise beef, chicken, rabbits, turkeys and venison is available in season. All days have a least one fisherman with local fish. The market is open located 14 street and Union Square,and is open Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Saturday.

Cours Saleya Nice Food Market

Cours Saleya, Nice

The Cours Saleya Market is just a block off the Promenade des Anglais, the major street along Nice which overlooks the Mediterranean. Considering the mild weather in Nice it is understandable that there is excellent produce year round. The market is allowed to sell produce not just from locals but from nearby Italy, Spain and Africa.

San Sebastian Spain Market

San Sebastian Fish Market, Spain

Fish stalls are located in the basement of the central Mercado de la Brecha. Outside the Mercado de la Brecha is a small market of local produce. in the basement of the central Mercado de la Brecha are butchers and food stands.The fish stands are presented artistically showing off their freshness and diversity.